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The Consciousness of Everything

by pippa (follow)
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There exists a philosophical theory, centuries old, in which everything has a consciousness.

This theory is known as Panpsychism.

It states that the psyche is a universal feature of all things. This includes you and your house, your pets, your plants your plates and your food.

As everything is created from raw materials, from earth's materials, from universal materials, everything holds a consciousness.


The cotton clothes you wear. Or the silver cutlery you use. The photo from ink and paper from trees.The car from metals and money from plastics.

Many think if you were to write on one side of a piece of paper all things you think have a consciousness, and on the other all things you think that don't, one side will have a lot more on it than the other.

The implications of Panpsychism allow us to open our doors of perception and see things as they truly are. They are conscious. They are aware.

Each fibre, each thread, each grain and each strand.

In a definition of consciousness which states one must have a mind to be conscious, yes, of course, the theory seems absurd. But when consciousness has not been proven to reside within the mind, universal consciousness is possible.

Just because it does not have a brain does not mean it is not conscious.

To be conscious is to be aware of and responding to one's surroundings.

Everything reacts to its surroundings. You place a wet cup on a dry cloth, the cloth gets wet. The cup loses water, the water changes environment and the cloth gains water.

Everything responds to its surroundings, that part can be proven, but to prove it is aware, we would need to further understand the nature of awareness.

Awareness can be defined as having knowledge or perception. When knowledge is merely information, everything has some knowledge and contains information, even an atom or subatomic particle.

So the statue that stands still, and the picture in a frame are conscious too. To what extent we do not know, but do not pass it off as impossible, just possibly incomprehensible.

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