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Metaphysics (2)      Definition (1)     
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What is Metaphysics?
A definition

The term 'Metaphysics' translates to the meaning of meta - beyond and phsycis - the physical world.
Metaphysics has been defined by many great thinkers.

Pojman 2000 defined Metaphysics as

"The study of the ultimate reality"
And that which is not readily accessible through ordinary everyday experience, it consists of free will, casuality, the nature of matter, immortality and the existence of god.

This definition may cover some aspects of Metaphsycis, but is not a true definition alone.

Anderson 2000 sub divides Metaphysics into mysticism and occultism. Where mysticism includes the experience of unity and occultism includes ESP, psychic development, medium ship and retro cognition.

This also provides insight into the term Metaphysics, but does not encompass all aspects of the subject.

Another sub category of Metaphysics can be defined as Pure and Applied Metaphysics including inquiry and practical applications.

The term Metaphysics encompasses many philosophical theories, the big questions in life including who am I? Why am I here? What is reality? And what is fate? As well as many other questions which many people find themselves asking throughout their lives.

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