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Metaphysicians in History

by pippa (follow)
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Metaphysics is an ancient branch of philosophy, there have been many famous Metaphysicians throughout history. I'm going to summarise five which you may have already heard of, but no realised they were also Metaphysicians.

1. Pythagoras

Image from universaltheosophy.com

570 - 495 BC
From Greece
A major influence in Philosophy and religion during the late 6th Century BC.
A great Mathematician and Scientist.
Most known for Pythagorean Theorem.

2. Aristotle

Image from wikipedia.org

384 - 322 BC
From Greece
A Philosopher and Scientist who wrote about Physics, Biology, Zoology, Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics, Poetry and more.
Major contributor to the system of Western Philosophy

3. Plato

Image from classicalwisdom.com

400's - 300's BC
From Greece
The founder of the first institute of higher learning in the Western World:
The Academy of Athens
A Philosopher

4. Galileo Galilei

Image from glogster.com

1564 - 1642
From Italy
An Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, Philosopher and Mathematician
A significant figure in the Scientific Revolution of the Renaissance

5. Immanuel Kant

Image from christianhumanist.org

1724 - 1804
From Germany
Considered the central figure of Modern Philosophy
Argued the fundamental concepts of the human mind structure, human experience and the Earth revolves around the sun.

There is much to learn about this ancient philosophical subject, and learning from the greats is a fabulous way to start!

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