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Fighting Addiction

by pippa (follow)
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What causes addiction?

Addiction starts on the energetic level.

Addiction starts with the root chakra, the base chakra, the first chakra.This chakra is where our habits, our stability and security begins.

The root chakra is where routine and habitual behaviour is generated from.

Addiction is a repetitive thought, action, behaviour or pattern.

An unhealthy repetitive behaviour can be detrimental to our well being and ong term health as well as growth and development.It can inhibit personal and siritual growth and development.

An unhealthy addiction is when your body is in more control than your mind and heart. You are not serving your greatsest good.

Addiction is also contributed to an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra, the centre of your will power.

Feelings of lack of power over a behaviour and loss of control over your own will are part of addiction.

Your base Chakra is likely to be over active and your Solar Plexus Chakra is likely to be under active.

An energetic imbalance is trying to be solved here. Other chakras play their part depending on the addiction. Your addiction needs to be understood on the energetic level.

In the case of smoking, the heart chakra and throat chakra are also involved. Attributes include rejection, lack of love for self and others, associations to compulsiveness, thoughts of repeating behaviours and losing independence and control over your own actions or behaviours.

Addiction to food is also affected by the throat chakra.

Traumas can cause addictions.

As an emotional memory a traumatic experience can be the catalyst for the creation or start of an addiction.

Stress is a major cause of addictions too, as is general unhappiness with you life and your circumstances.

People turn to substances to alter their state of consciousnessto escape, to numb and to treat their unhappiness. However these addictions we develop are unhealthy and need to be removed and replaced with healthy habits, behaviours and thoughts.

Energetically, traumatic experiences can throw your energetic body out of balance.

How do you over come addiction?

First you must find the energetic cause of the addiciton, which chakras are affected by this addiction.

You must be coming from a place of self love and respect. Do not judge yourself.

Energy work is required to over come addiction for good.

Yoga is a form of energy work.

A solid yoga practice based on balancing the lower chakras can aid a person to over come addiction.

Yoga poses for the base chakra include the deep squat, forward bend, head to knee forward bends and warrior II.

Crystals can be used in healing addiction.

Crystals used for healing addiction include
red jasper, carnelian, garnet, smoky quartz and black obsidian.

Meditation is also a great tool for over coming addiction.

Meditation uses brainwaves to conquer addiction, and helps you to control impulses or urges. Meditation can help generate happy hormones to feel good and satisfied to replace addictions, reducing stress and treating the cause of addictions.

Through mindfulness and awareness you can kill cravings, and fight addiction.

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